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Epidemic Sounds Group Buy is an internationally renowned music technology company headquartered in Stockholm. Our core mission revolves around fostering creativity. We empower content creators to elevate their work and captivate their audiences by providing access to an ever-expanding collection of top-tier music and sound effects.

What Exactly is Epidemic Sound?

An Epidemic Sound subscription opens the doors to soundtracking your content, whether it’s for your own enterprise or licensing and clearing content for clients. This subscription grants unlimited usage rights across various online platforms, including YouTube, websites, digital advertisements, and unrestricted promotion on social media channels.

For instance, consider the Epidemic Sound Commercial subscription at $228 per year, which includes the following benefits:

  • All features from the Personal subscription
  • Coverage for social media, online platforms, and websites
  • Content publication for clients and businesses
  • Unlimited usage rights in digital advertisements
  • Access to a vast library of 35,000 tracks and 90,000 sound effects
  • Unlimited downloads
  • The power to share unique content on your social media platforms
  • Monetization opportunities across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitch, and podcasts
  • Comprehensive coverage of online platforms, websites, digital ads, TV shows, TV ads, commercial streaming, VOD, and more
  • Support for multiple user accounts
  • Music curation assistance
  • Customized music productions
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Tailored terms

Why Choose Epidemic Sound?

Epidemic Sound hails from Sweden and specializes in providing royalty-free music and sound effects suitable for any project. The user-friendly design of our platform allows for intuitive searches using various filters, ensuring you find precisely what you need.

Who Benefits from Epidemic Sound?

Epidemic Sound serves as a royalty-free music subscription platform tailored for video producers, podcast creators, and artists. Video producers can effortlessly access royalty-free music for their projects, eliminating concerns about royalties.

Podcast creators can explore playlists featuring podcast-friendly tracks, hooks, and sounds that seamlessly complement their content.

People such as Producers, composers, musicians, and artists can submit their music for review and distribution on streaming platforms, potentially gaining exposure to millions of followers, including online video creators, brands, broadcasters and media agencies Artists receive upfront payments for music ownership and share streaming revenue equally under flexible, non-exclusive agreements, allowing them artistic freedom.

Moreover, Epidemic Sound’s music experts collaborate with every creator to enhance their music’s quality. Our music catalog is trusted by leading content creators, broadcasters, ad agencies, and renowned brands, elevating their productions.

How Does It Function?

The process is straightforward:

Sign Up: Begin your journey with Epidemic Sound by starting a free 30-day trial.

Find Your Sound: Explore and download from over 35,000 tracks and 90,000 sound effects. Filter by mood, genre, tempo, and vocals, or receive personalized recommendations. Customize tracks using our creative tools.

Soundtrack the World: Enhance your content with the perfect soundtrack. Our music licenses cover all online platforms, allowing you to concentrate on inspiring your audience, wherever they may be. You’ve discovered your sound; now, let it resonate.